Peaked Roof Greenhouse

Peaked Roof Portable Greenhouse

Available in sizes from 6x6x6 to our largest 22x24x12, the peaked roof portable instant greenhouse gives the user much needed space along the walls before the eaves. Made with our patented translucent poly covers, and hi strength steel frames, these instant greenhouses will extend your growing season for many years.

Extend the Growing Season

If you want to grow more months or want more effective growing months, our portable instant greenhouses give you the ability to control CO2 and humidity making your plants grow fast.

Our translucent covers allow privacy (they are not clear) and stop/slow pest infiltration while allowing the right amount of sunlight through. With our specially made ventilated ends, you help your plants thrive.

Shelterlogic portable Greenhouses

Best Value in Greenhouses

Available in 10x10x8 or 10x20x8, our best value in Greenhouses are not cheap, but they are inexpensive. For less than $300 with Free Shipping, you can get started with hobby growing in just a few days!


Small Backyard Greenhouses

These greenhouses are the perfect way to start a hobby, cultivate seed or have a small semi-private space for your personal growing needs.

Hobby Greenhouse Specifications

  • 6' x 8' x 6'6" Powder Coated Steel Frame
    Model #70602
  • 1-3/8" steel frame arches
  • Dupont ™ Premium powder coat finish
  • Strong Three rib design
  • Predrilled - Nut and Bolt Construction
  • Complete anchor kit included
  • Translucent polyethylene cover
  • Double Zipper Vented Door Panel
  • Vented End Panel
  • Ratcheting Tie Downs
  • Easy Step by Step Instructions
  • Optional Tool Holder
  • Optional 4' Utility Shelf
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Included
  • FREE SHIPPING to Continental US
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  • Privacy Ensured!

  • Portable instant greenhouses give you exactly what every grower needs without the high cost of other greenhouse buildings. Imagine using a building like this that does not usually require building permits or a foundation! In most places, that means no property taxes or nosey inspectors around your property.